What will my project be? – Journal entry

What are your ideas for your project? 

  • An idea i have for my CAS project is help a family in need of food, clothing, materials(such as: books, pencils) anything that the community of the school can donate.
  • Be part of the IB lounge project, to make changes in order to make the place comfortable.
  • Provide scholarship students snacks(continue Eithel’s project)

Why do they make sense? 

  • Because they have the end goal to help the community in a certain way
    Why do they not make sense? 
  • they do make sense just that these options were started by another person so it isn’t really a new project as i feel it should.
    What are the barriers to making it successful?
  • The community of the school not collaborating (donating), not getting enough support
    What are your strengths that make this possible?
  • Persistence, hope, and creativity are my strengths that will encourage the school community to collaborate by creating fundraising activities such as: dress-down day, empanada sales… and others

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