Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder Map

  • First, you will need to learn how to construct a stakeholder map. Watch  the attached video or read through the presentation to understand what stakeholders are and how the stakeholder map helps with communication in your lives.
  • Pull out your SMART goal from the first module. You will create a stakeholder map that will help support you in achieving this goal.
  • Who are the people that are important for helping you achieve this goal? Identify the 7 most important stakeholders in your life that support you. Create a list on a blank sheet of paper.
  • Write a number by each stakeholder that will show the importance of each specific stakeholder to achieving your stated goal. A 5 is the most important and 1 is the least. This will help with the deciding how much power they have.
  • Can you think about the goals of your stakeholders as they relate to you. Do they gain anything from your success? Would they lose anything if you didn’t succeed? Jot down notes at the side of each of the stakeholders. This will help decide how much influence that they have.
  • Using the provided template, place each of the stakeholders in the quadrant that best represents their position of power (authority) and influence (involvement).
  • Have a discussion about your map with your cohort guide.

Download the worksheets to your computer and fill them in with the necessary information.

Communication Plan

  • Watch the video or presentation on creating a communication plan based on your stakeholder map.
  • Fill in the table for each stakeholder. Based on their power and influence over the goal that you have set.
  • Share with a partner and receive feedback about the communication plan.
    • Does the format of communication and frequency of communication match the importance of the quadrant from the stakeholder map?
    • Does the tone of the communication match the intended audience?
    • What challenges do you foresee with the communication plan?
    • Does the communication plan seem possible?
  • Post your map and communication plan on the path.

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