Brainstorming – What does this idea look like? Day 1

Audrey and I met together to discuss the upcoming weeks of work. There were so many ideas and elements that are involved in creating a program that helps teach teenagers collaboration, resilience, competence and business skills. It really was an eye opener for me to see what went into the process that I used in my former high school. It is a bit overwhelming to see the project from the outset, but I know that we can step through this list with a bit of determination and commitment.

Mission Statement


Empowering students for a dynamic world—[Tool Name] fosters conscientiousness, collaboration, resilience, awareness, and competence, shaping adaptable and socially responsible leaders.



– Emotional Health: Resilience, empathy, 

– Who am I?

– Strengths

– Areas for growth 

– Passions 

– Values

– Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation

– Conflict Resolution

– Executive Function skills: Organization – Task and Time management, Working memory, Self control (pause impulse control – emotional regulation), initiation, flexibility adaptability, metacognition, planning and evaluating, response inhibition, goal setting, organization of materials, task monitoring (modules but these could be small cohort conversations or mentor conversations)

– Communication – 

– Digital well-being

– Motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic

– Flexible thinking – how to manage change

– Personal goal setting

– Critical thinking

– Creativity

– Reflection

– How to react to failure – what are the supports in place to help students bounce back – connect to other resources for help in severe cases

– How to take feedback 


– Community Survey

– Interview and interview skills

– Etiquette – professional vs. unprofessional

– Leadership – 

– Communication

– Collaboration – Networking

– Cultural awareness/ sensitivity 

– Sustainability

– Ethical implications of their actions

– Documentation – how to keep notes/contacts/videos/pictures organized

– Social Media/Digital Marketing

– Problem solving

– Digital literacy: navigating websites, understanding local/global news bias and truth, evaluation

– Partnerships – so that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Business skills

Types of organizations – or just what is an organization 

Stakeholder Understanding and Mapping

Goal setting – SMART goals – business objectives

Risk management

Communication – Written skills – emails / working with others

Interview skills

Excel / Word skills?

Growth strategies

Motivational theories

Organizational structure

Leadership and Management

Organizational Culture


Social Media/Digital Marketing

P&L Statement


Cash flow

Investment appraisal

Marketing – 7 Ps

Market Research

Sampling methods

Operations – logistics 

Break-even analysis

External Environment

SWOT analysis

Decision Tree?

Gantt Chart

Force Field analysis

Hofstede’s cultural dimension 

Mission Statement

Pitch presentation

Barriers to Entry

Cohort conversations


Mentor/cohort leader training on failure 


How to manage a meeting – plan a meeting

Questions – How the f*** do we do this?


How long the videos/modules are to keep kids engaged.

Gamification – sense that there are compliments through out

Activities throughout – 

Their project is open to parents/mentors/teachers to give feedback – connected to social media in some way?

For the strengths curriculum – maybe have them experience something and then be aware of the feelings or reactions to your daily lives… 


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