Drawing and Response

Here is the response if you can't see it in the photo: I chose to draw me playing jump rope because I really used to love it when I was younger especially during Covid when we couldn't really do much. I think I liked Jump rope because first of all you only need 3 people which makes its easy to play when your in the middle of a pandemic and when you have to Social distance and I liked how it took some skill to do and how it got you tired pretty fast.

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  1. MissAmy

    March 6, 2024

    Excellent picture! It sounds like it was entertaining and healthy. I also am intrigued by the fact that you liked it because it took skill. I am guessing that you practiced a bit. Can you double dutch? I always wanted to learn how to do that.

  2. abaker92

    March 13, 2024

    Having seen your mind map first, I can totally see your passion for being active here! Jump rope can get very tiring quickly that’s for sure.

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