Getting somewhere only to turn back

I have envisioned this idea in a few different ways in the last 3/4 months. There were many times that I felt like I had a well thought out idea and a clear path to execution. It felt good to think that the market was the schools and the teachers. They made sense to me and seemed like the only people that might even find value in the offering.

However, at the moment I am back to thinking that there is a market with teenagers at the core of the offering. Schools might want to use it because they also find it cool, but how can we make it fun and cool for kids to use the content? Well, I have been listening to learning podcasts all weekend. There are podcasts to learn everything, from how to navigate narcissism,  how to fall in love, how to be healthy both physically and emotionally, and podcasts that teach you how to think. It has been a fun time for me. I am writing down all sorts of tricks that they use for communication and creating relationships.

Some ideas I have now are games –

Maybe asking confidence or motivation level at the beginning of each module.

Do or not do game – Set up the intention for the next few moments of working on the project.

Quotes from books to explore further.

Experts on business talking about their take on these topics.

Ask Amy sections where students can write in their questions.

At the end of a lesson – a wrap up game with themselves – 5 rapid fire questions as the reflection – not the normal reflection. How can we vary this?

Now it seems fun! But there are necessary changes to make to engage students and us!

That is what I am thinking about today. Exciting thoughts for the week.

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