Phone Call w/Stakeholder Template for Interviews

Hi, my name is [name]. Who am I speaking with today? 


Nice to meet you! I am a [role/job] from [high school name]. I am working on a personal project that involves [community of interest]. Currently, I am doing primary research to learn more about [topic]. I would love to set up a short 10-20 minute interview with you and hear what you have to say about [topic]. Does this interest you? 


Wonderful! How would next [day of week], [date], at  [time] work for you?


Ok I understand you are busy. I am available after [time] on [days of the week]. When is a good time for you? 


Excellent. Next [day of week] at [time] we can discuss via [type of communication] to talk about [topic]. 

Thank you so much for taking time to set up an interview with me. I look forward to our call. Have a great day!

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