Poem to one of my most important stakeholders

I chose to do the Haiku – thinking that it was going to be the one that was the easiest to do. It still took me some time to think about the words that I wanted to use and the meaning behind the poem. I think that is the most important part – understanding what makes the person that you are writing to important. What do you really see about them and what do they give you in this space?

So here is my poem for Matt.

There is something about
almost magical, I guess
A steady presence
In life, supportive
holding space for connection
that is positive
In a world, that not
everyone understands the
importance of space
Time moves differently
circling to give freedom
to think deeply, wait
Connections will return
to bring confidence and calm
to give energy
I sent the poem with the title infinity because I was thinking that was what I wanted to portray, but I think that I would have rather titled it Holding Space.
I have not written much poetry – so think I will do the other 2 styles later as ways to slow down and really think about the people that are important to me.

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