I enjoyed this meditation because it helped me to feel calmer and ground more of my thoughts, it was also a good length and did not put me to sleep. However I do not enjoy when meditations tell you to picture or visualize yourself doing something because I can not. In my life the closest thing to meditation that I practice is swimming, it allows me to be alone with my thoughts and block out noises with out having to sit still.

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  1. MissAmy

    April 4, 2024

    This makes so much sense because not moving is tricky! Swimming sounds divine because it really does block out all the other noise, there really is no way for others to talk to you! And, unless you have the headphones that are water proof you need to be there with your thoughts. Thanks for trying it and really thinking about how it fits into your life.

  2. abaker92

    April 5, 2024

    I 100% agree about swimming. Because there are no other distractions, you have to be inside your head with your thoughts.

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