Reflection on my strengths

It helps you make decisions when you are aware of who you are.

I think knowing my strengths could help me make big decisions like what I want to do for a job or where I want to go to college and keeping my strengths in mind could help me figure out what things I would be good at and what things I wouldn’t be as good at or wouldn’t enjoy as much. On a day to day basis knowing my strengths could help me make decisions related to projects I want to do for class or what classes I want to take and keeping my strengths in mind could help me make better choices in general.

It supports your understanding of your motivation to do things.

Knowing my strengths could be helpful when I’m trying to figure out why I did something or what were my motives for doing something. For example, one of my strengths is perseverance and if I’m looking back on something I have done like making sure I’ve completed assignments on time even if they are difficult, that could reflect back on my perseverance. Another example could be my strength in curiosity so when I’m looking back on things I’ve done I could see that some of the topics I have chosen for essays and projects have been things that I’m curious about and sometimes I choose harder topics and projects because of this. And knowing my motivation can help me decide what to do in the future and what things will motivate me in the future.


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  1. MissAmy

    April 17, 2024

    Excellent reflection. I also think that strengths are something that changes over time. So, make sure to keep that in mind as time goes on – you have these strengths of perseverance and curiosity today. These are probably going to stick with you and you will add some to your tool kit as you keep learning and growing. So, make sure to update your strengths every couple of years to see what you are excelling at during the times of big decisions.

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