Tentative schedule – with flexibility!

Audrey and both are coming from working around the clock in a traditional school setting. We definitely want to create flexibility in our schedules, individual time that we can dedicate to research and creation, and time together that is meaningful. So, this is our first week of work. 🙂 Let’s see how it goes.

January 15: Research: likes, dislikes, gaining ideas (apps, video content, modules), Amy testimonials & proof of concept

Real feedback from online learners – motivation, what kept you engaged, what didn’t 

Research on US Students skills or lack of skills overall

Youtube channel.

January 22: Choose 2 modules, outline class, give feedback and start to create videos.

Amy: Strengths – create a template or worksheet for this video


January 29: Make lesson plans

February 5: Trial/Feedback

February 12: Make edits 

February 19:

February 26:

March 4:

March 11:


March 18: Present idea


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