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Nike is one of my favorite companies. I love the product and I love their messaging. I also love the show Ted Lasso. When they teamed up together, I had to write about it on this path! According to, Nike's purpose is to leave an enduring impact and move the world forward through the power of sport by protecting our collective playground and expanding access to sport for everyone. They focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Responsible sourcing, Powering the future of youth sports and Protecting our plant. These are all very prominent on their impact page and I believe that they are standing up for DEI and powering the future of youth sports in this commercial with Ted Lasso images and actors. There are many different people in the advertisement, both genders are represented in the small child that is on the shoulders of an adult. The advertisement starts with a boy and ends with a girl. There is a young woman that the men would like to take a picture with. There are different races represented throughout the video. There is child in a wheelchair. The language states that we don't know what will happen but we can believe even stronger.  Ted Lasso encouraged everyone to believe and Nike is also encouraging their customers and the world to believe in a a world of sport that will be open to all people equally. They are representing their hope for the future and also telling the world that they are fighting for this outcome too.

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