Stakeholder Map

  • Does the format of communication and frequency of communication match the importance of the quadrant from the stakeholder map? 
My communication plan shifted some of the people that are in my stakeholder map and definitely brought out a couple missed opportunities for me to connect with some of the people that are important in my business development.
  • Does the tone of the communication match the intended audience?
The tone does match the intended audience - I will need to create a professional email to reach out to some of the stakeholders.
  • What challenges do you foresee with the communication plan?
I am not exactly sure what to say when communicating with some of the stakeholders because this is so new to me. But I need to create a time and place to make sure that I do that!
  • Does the communication plan seem possible?
I think so, now I just need to commit. I realized when I had to answer these questions that my 2nd question was not an open ended question so I have revised it to read: Explain how the communication plan will get more buy in from your stakeholders? They will be more informed and therefore more likely to help with the process of creating this business and making it a success. I sometimes get worried that it will not be successful. But that is not really the point at the moment. It is about creating something and that something is interesting, creative and engages outside people. I just need to keep talking about it and supporting my supporters.

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